Purpose of NJ Urban Forest

Beechwood Forest 10.12 (20)

Welcome to NJUrbanForest.com!

The purpose of NJUrbanForest.com is about raising awareness for the natural beauty that can be found right in your own backyard. Most people today are concerned with the Amazon and other far away wild lands being decimated but seem oddly unaware about the destruction of the forest in their own backyard. Tax Ratables are often king more than not it seems. Open space is the best ratable.  NJ is the most populated state in the country and should preserve it’s remaining natural areas.


7 thoughts on “Purpose of NJ Urban Forest

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  2. David Ruchman

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog up. I have gone through many of the posts and have enjoyed taking the hikes that you have listed. Keep up the wonderful work. There are so many parks in the Jersey area that I never even knew about!!!


  3. Jeff C


    I have been reading your blog posts for a good amount of time now. I must say that they are just great. Great writing.. great photos.. great ways to promote parks in NJ.

    I just wanted to let you know that we will be promoting your group on http://www.getoutsidenj.com, starting tonight as we have added your as a reference group..


    We will also be Featuring you on the frontpage of GetOut next month, and will be giving you credit for any locations that we add because of your posts. This will start with the Essex County Mills Reservation mentioned in your latest post.

    Do you have an actual logo? I grabbed your header text.. but a real logo would be nicer. Do you have a facebook page? I would like to add that to your contact info as well.

    Keep up the great work!




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