3.10.10 Central Park Visit

My usual walk at NYC Central Park involves doing a loop at the Pond. Recently I’ve been searching the nearby Hallett Nature Sanctuary (through the fence) for signs of the Central Park Coyote.

So far I have not seen it probably because it is nocturnal and sleeping away.  However, I’ve seen plenty of these blooming.

I have no idea what these flowers are called or if they are native (which I am guessing they probably are not). In addition, I saw a forsythia bush in bloom. (I originally thought it was a vine)

Plus the teenage mutant ninja turtles were out.

He is mean and green.

Cool Places!

More Manhattan Central Park!

Even More Manhattan Central Park!

3 thoughts on “3.10.10 Central Park Visit

  1. Eric

    The white flower is an invasive ornamental plant. Unsure the species.

    The yellow flower that you called a “vine” sure looks like a forsythia bush.


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