3/10/10 Central Park Visit

My usual walk at NYC Central Park involves doing a loop at the Pond. Recently I’ve been searching the nearby Hallett Nature Sanctuary (through the fence) for signs of the Central Park Coyote.

Central Park 3.10 (34)


So far I have not seen it probably because it is nocturnal and sleeping away.  However, I saw plenty of Snow Drops blooming.

Central Park 3.10 (34)

Snow Drops in Bloom


I also saw a Winter Jasmine in bloom.

Central Park 3.10 (34)

Winter Jasmine in Bloom


Plus turtles were out. Spring is on the way!

Central Park 3.10 (34)


More Manhattan Central Park!

Even More Manhattan Central Park!

3 thoughts on “3/10/10 Central Park Visit

  1. Eric

    The white flower is an invasive ornamental plant. Unsure the species.

    The yellow flower that you called a “vine” sure looks like a forsythia bush.


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