Pequannock River Coalition’s Spring Hike!

The 2010 Pequannock River Coalition (Defunct as of 2020) Spring Hike took place on May 2nd.  The hike took place near Dunker Pond in the NJ Highlands Newark Watershed lands.

Dunker Pond

Dunker Pond

The group traveled on an old carriage road (and nope, no carriages were on it today!) which used to have cow pastures to the side. Old barb wire from over a hundred years ago was still embedded in some old shade trees on the side.

100 year old barb wire

100 Year old barb wire embedded in an old shade tree

The group took a walk on part of the Highlands Trail to get to the pond.

Highlands Trail Blaze

Highlands Blaze

We met some new friends in the woods like this Green Frog hanging out in a puddle.

Frog Newark Watershed (2)

Green Frog

When the group got to Dunker Pond there was a beaver lodge right smack ahead.

Beaver Lodge on Dunker Pond (2)

The Beaver Lodge at Dunker Pond

And though the snow may be gone for now, little feet still make an impression in the mud.

Squirrel Prints


Another great hike led by the Pequannock River Coalition!

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