Exploring Allendale’s Celery Farm!


Welcome to  the Celery Farm! The Celery Farm, located in Allendale, NJ was a working farm but is now a beautiful 107 acre freshwater wetland preserve wildlife sanctuary.


Allendale acquired the first sixty acres of the Celery Farm back in 1981 with the help of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. Eventually Allendale was able to purchase it from the NJCF using Green Acres funding. The trails are maintained via the Fyke Nature Association and its volunteers.


Celery Farm Map

The Trail Map above was taken from the FYKE Nature Association webpage. 

12.30 (16)

Kiosk near the Franklin Turnpike Entrance

There are two  main entrances to the Celery Farm. One is located off of Franklin Turnpike and the other is located off of the Green Way (both in Allendale).

4.27 (2)

Green Way Entrance

There is an estimated 1.25 miles of flat trails to be explored in the Celery Farm. The main trail encircles Lake Appert which is the main water body in the preserve. Lake Appert is a wonderful place to look for wading ducks, egrets, herons and other wildlife including Mink and Muskrat.

Lake Appert

Lake Appert – Celery Farm

There are two other bodies of water located in the Celery Farm. Phair’s Pond is found in the northwest section of the preserve near the Green Way entrance and Blue Heron Pond located in the east of the preserve.

5.01 (10)

Phair’s Pond -The Celery Farm

Snapping Turle

Snapping Turtle Blue Heron Pond -The Celery Farm

Allendale Brook, a tributary of the Passaic River flows to the east of the preserve.

5.16 (24)

Allendale Brook

Three wildlife viewing structures have been built to scan Lake Appert for wildlife. All three may be found along the path that encircles Lake Appert.

5.01 (23)

There have been 250 estimated different species of birds identified at the Celery Farm. During my last few visits I captured the below:

Tree Swallow (2)

Tree Swallow The Celery Farm

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe The Celery Farm

Black-Capped Chickadee (2)

Black-Capped Chickadee The Celery Farm

The Pauline Oxnard Butterfly Garden is another hotspot to identify wildlife. It is located in the northwest corner of the main trail near the tractor.

4.27 (1)

The Pauline Oxnard Butterfly Garden

Question Mark Butterfly

Eastern Comma Butterfly – The Celery Farm

The preserve is primarily a freshwater wetland but still includes a variety of different wetland habitat consisting of everything from Marsh to heavily forested wetland.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey – The Celery Farm

The Celery Farm is a peaceful respite from the ever growing development which surrounds it.

Check out the latest bird sightings Here!

Click Here for Directions!



2 thoughts on “Exploring Allendale’s Celery Farm!

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  2. NJUrbanForest Post author

    January 24, 2014 – 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall at 500 W.Crescent Ave., Allendale
    Owls of New Jersey

    Don Torino, President of Bergen County Audubon Society, will present a program on Owls of New Jersey. More than any other group of birds, nature lovers are in awe of Owls. They are mysterious creatures of the night and are steeped in folklore and mythology. Don will discuss the many owl species that can be seen in our area.

    You don’t have to be a member to attend our meetings but we certainly always welcome/encourage new members ($15 for individual; $20 for family membership – all monies go to support the Celery Farm …see http://www.fykenature.org/join.html for details).



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