Wawayanda State Park Terrace Pond

Terrace Pond 370 (2)

Terrace Pond

Welcome to Wawayanda’s State Park’s Terrace Pond!

Terrace Pond is part of the Bearfort Mountain Natural area of Wawayanda State Park.  I kept hearing how popular and how beautiful this hike was so I had to check it out for myself.

The hike to the pond was filled with amazing views, mostly of the adjacent Newark Watershed lands.


On the way to Terrace Pond, a Black Rat Snake made an appearance.


Black Rat Snake

We saw him slithering around while taking in the views.

This is one of the best scenic hikes in New Jersey. If you want to know more, check out a complete description of this hike at NY NJ Trail Conference.  Also this blog entry tells of the adventures of this trail.

Beautiful Terrace Pond

Please note that swimming is not allowed at the pond. While on the hike and at the pond, remember to take nothing but photos and leave only footprints in this beautiful natural area.

4 thoughts on “Wawayanda State Park Terrace Pond

      1. Jack siwek

        Thank you for your response.We ended up going to Terrace pond and there were no problems with watershed officials giving tickets just to raise there revenue. The hike was wet but very nice. We took the south loop up to the pond. There was quite a crowd. I see this is now the “Party Place”. Its a shame how a few lazy, selfish people can ruin a beautiful area. Beer cans, empty chip bags, plastic cups and lots of other assorted garbage litter the pond area and the north trail. Don’t think its worth going to these days. This sort of thing really angers me, so I think we’ll stick to the catskills for hiking.


      2. NJUrbanForest Post author

        Hi, thank you for the feedback on the trail! I’m sorry to hear about the litter situation. To all who hike: remember we are all responsible for ensuring that our parks are clean. Leave only footprints and take only photographs. This area still has plenty of beautiful natural spots-don’t give up on it! I will have to check out the Catskills one of these days.


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