Hackensack RiverKeeper Meadowlands Eco-Cruise!


Hackensack RiverKeeper Sign

Hackensack Riverkeeper!

After doing some research online, I decided to do the Hackensack Riverkeeper Meadowlands Discovery Eco-Cruise. It was  worth it. The eco-cruise takes place on a pontoon boat and visits wetlands near Kingsland Creek, Berry’s Creek and a trip to what is known as the jewel of the Meadowlands, the Sawmill Creek Wildlife Management Area which is home to birds and wildlife like Muskrats (the Sawmill Creek Wildlife Management Area map below was taken from the NJ DEP website).

Sawmill Creek Wildlife Management Area

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

Most people see the Meadowlands as they pass by in a car and a train and think of it as a vast wasteland if they think about it at all. The eco-cruise takes on a different perspective and makes you realize that the Meadowlands is a true urban treasure filled with life.

BirdhouseMeadowlands Ecotour 10.10.09 435 (2)



Our captain was Bill Sheehan, the Riverkeeper himself.  He was great, pointing out wildlife and the happenings of the Meadowlands including enhancement efforts such as replacing Common Reed with native species such as Smooth Cordgrass. The pictures below are a good example of the enhancement effort and shows an island which is virtually free of Common Reed.

Restored Island

Enhanced Island

Meadowlands Ecotour  Island

The eco-cruise also made it past Laurel Hill (aka Snake Hill) which is said to have been infested with black water snakes during colonial times. Prudential Financial was inspired by the formation of the rocks which was said to be similar to the Rock of Gibraltar and is still used in Prudential advertising to this day.

Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill

Kudos to Hackensack Riverkeeper for providing this fun and educational experience of the Hackensack Meadowlands. Be sure to check out http://www.hackensackriverkeeper.org/ for more information.

Blue Sky Puffy Clouds


Feel free to comment below with questions, memories or suggestions! 

3 thoughts on “Hackensack RiverKeeper Meadowlands Eco-Cruise!

  1. Michael Seyfried

    Snake Hill was a great place before the County destroyed it for quarry trap rock. Well at least they built a nice park on the location of that ancient volcano.

    If you don’t already know it the name Secaucus translates into island of many black snakes from the old indian language.


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