Bonnabel Nature Park at Lachmund’s Bend!

Bonnabel Nature Park at Lachmund's Park Sign

Bonnabel nature Park at Lachmund’s Bend

Bonnabel Nature Park

Bonnabel Nature Park

Welcome to Old Tappan’s Bonnabel Nature Park! The park’s 3.26 acres consists of uplands and wetlands and is a pleasant respite from the suburban development that surround it. The park has the Hackensack River and its remnant watershed lands to the west and south, Old Tappan Road to the north, and additional remnant Hackensack River watershed lands to the east.

The land which became Bonnabel Nature Park at Lachmund’s Bend was purchased October 17, 2007 from the Bonnabel family by the borough of Old Tappan for $950,000 with a combination of Green Acres, Borough Open Space and Municipal Bond Ordinance funding for use as open space. The park was established in 2008.

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The 3.26 acre site is situated next to the trout stocked upper Hackensack River (which is given C1 Status at this location) and Suez watershed land.

Hackensack River

Hackensack River

Bonnabel Nature Park features trails, picnic tables, benches and fishing.

Trout Stocked Water = Upper Hackensack RiverCool Seat

Flora at the park includes:

The property was once the site of a popular hotel called Lachmunds which existed from the late 1800’s until it was demolished in 1954. Today, instead of a hotel, the land is a beautiful nature preserve for the people of Old Tappan and surrounding communities to enjoy.


Hay-scented Fern

Bonnabel Nature Park at Lachmund’s Bend is located off of Old Tappan Road near Recktenwald Court by the Rivervale border.

Click here for directions. Please note that Unfortunately, Mapquest does not recognize the park’s entrance as an address. These directions will culminate to Recktenwald Court.  The park is located just southeast of Recktenwald Court on Old Tappan Road. A gravel lot in the park is provided for parking.

Below is a list of some of the plants you will encounter at Bonnabel Nature Park.

Bonnabel Nature Park Flora

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring!

10 thoughts on “Bonnabel Nature Park at Lachmund’s Bend!

  1. expobill

    I did not realize how far that trail extends!
    the trail posses many species of birds including a red-headed woodpecker, and the decaying cars were a surprise!


  2. Jennifer Phillips

    I visited this afternoon. Didn’t see any decaying cars or the red headed woodpecker though I would have loved too. It is mid-february so none of that beautiful greenery either, but I am a writer and went for reflection. Read about it in my next column in Community Life newspaper, Top Blonde…on the run!


  3. njurbanforest Post author

    Hi Dorothy! Thank you for writing. Your best bet is to contact the Old Tappan Environmental Commission regarding the marking of trails at the Bonnabel Nature Park.
    According to the Old Tappan Environmental Commission Web Site:
    “The Environmental Commission is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, protection, and appearance of our local environment including open space, wetlands, water resources, air, soil, landscape, flora, and fauna”

    Be sure to post a comment if you hear anything!


  4. Robert Lueddecke

    I am the great great grandson of John H. Lachmond Jr. who owned the hotel/store at that corner. I saw the park for the first time (22 May 16) and had tears in my eyes I was so impressed. Great Job!! Thank You.


      1. Robert Lueddecke

        Hi, The hotel and store was owned by my Great Grandfather John Lachmond jr. I have some pictures, will send them when I dig them out. Robert Lueddecke >


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