Oradell’s Lotus Woods Nature Walk!

Lotus Woods Nature Walk

Lotus Woods Nature Walk

The Borough of Oradell‘s Lotus Woods Nature Walk located in densely populated Bergen County NJ is a 10 acre deciduous wooded wetland preserve featuring a woodland trail next to the Van Saun Mill Brook, a tributary to the Hackensack River.

Lotus Woods Nature Walk

Lotus Woods Nature Walk

The woods were preserved by the Mayor and Council of Oradell in the early nineties. The trail, which follows the Van Saun Mill Brook from Amaryllis Avenue to Soldier Hill Road, has been maintained by the Oradell Boy Scouts since 1991. The boy scouts help remove invasive plants and replace them with native plants. The Lotus Woods Nature Walk is a forest island completely surrounded by dense residential development. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the photo below.


The Van Saun Mill Brook flows through the center of the woods. The Van Saun Mill Brook is monitored by the Bergen County Environmental Council further south of the preserve in nearby Van Saun Park three times a year to determine the quality of the water. The Lotus Woods help to protect the Van Saun Mill Brook from non-point source pollution

Van Suan Mill Brook

Van Suan Mill Brook

Much of the preserve is dominated by typical wetland vegetation such as Sensitive Fern and Skunk Cabbage.

Sensitive Fern

Sensitive Fern

The trail is level and is an easy pleasant walk.  The main entrance  to the preserve is on Amaryllis Avenue between Seminole Street and Summit Avenue in Oradell. It’s a nice slice of nature.

Click here for directions

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring!

2 thoughts on “Oradell’s Lotus Woods Nature Walk!

  1. Carter Hartz

    Thanks a lot for your blog. I currently live overseas but dream of moving back to south NJ. It’s wonderful to learn of all the beautiful forested areas we could visit once we move back.



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