Fairway Oaks Park

Fairway Oaks Park

Fairway Oaks Park

Fairway Oaks Park, located off of Paramus Road in Paramus NJ was a pleasant surprise the day I discovered it. I explored it on bike during a trip to nearby Saddle River Park. Fairway Oaks Park, located to the west of the Fairway Oaks housing development contains a playground, Dogwood Grove and a walking path around a detention basin.

Detention Basin

The grasses and wildflowers of a detention basin serve a two fold purpose. They help to soak up urban runoff and provide a home for birds and small mammals such as groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits. Urban runoff is held in the detention basin and released in a regulated fashion into drainage systems. The grass and wildflowers of a detention basin are cut annually to help ensure next year’s growth. While exploring the path around the detention basin I saw quite a few groundhogs, rabbits and many birds of different species.

Cottontail Rabbit

The Borough of Paramus Shade Tree & Parks Commission provided educational signage regarding aspects of the natural environment that is found in Fairway Oaks Park.

Sweetgum Tree Signage

Sweetgum Tree

The park is a pleasant and educational experience for residents of the Fairway Oaks development, Paramus and nearby communities to enjoy.

The park is located off of Paramus Road in Paramus NJ near the Fairway Oaks housing development.


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2 responses to “Fairway Oaks Park”

  1. Joe says :

    Very cool blog! Sounds like a cool place! I’m surprised that sweetgum isn’t a bright dark red color and/or a bright yellow. The 5-point star leaves r cool one of my favorite trees. Next time u r near a wetland area look for black gum aka black tupelo. They turn purplish red in fall but their leaves are simple and not lobed.

  2. njurbanforest says :

    Thank you! I’ll keep my eyes posted for the Black Gum tree.

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