Leonia’s Highwood Hills Natural Area!

Highwood Hills A Green Acres Natural Area

Highwood Hills A Green Acres Natural Area

Leonia’s 14 acre Highwood Hills natural area was acquired by the Borough of Leonia using Green Acre funding in 1972 and 1980.The nature preserve is bordered to the east by the Plaza West Shopping Center, to the south by the borough of Palisades Park, and by dense residential housing to the north and west.


Highwood Hills Leonia Green Acres

The property was acquired through the efforts of the Leonia Environmental Commission, mayor and council and citizens. The Leonia Environmental Commission, scouts and volunteers sponsor educational activities, clean-ups and special programs on occasion at Highwood Hills.


Trail Map

Highwood Hills Trail Map



The preserve features 6 trails. The Main Trail goes in a north to south direction across the perimeter of the preserve and parallels a seasonal stream.

Sensitive Fern around seasonal ditch

Sensitive Fern around seasonal stream

Sassafras saplings were found throughout the main trail. These trees grow well  in open woods on moist, well-drained, sandy loam soils. This tree has three basic leave patterns making it a really interesting tree to look at. One of the types of leaves even looks like a mitten.

Sassafras sapling


There are five trails which branch off the main trail. The Lizard Pond trail branches to the west of the preserve in a loop fashion. The pond leads to a vernal pond (Lizard Pond) which was mud at the time of my summer 2010 visit.

Lizard Pond (Vernal Pond)

Lizard Pond (Vernal Pond)

The Birch Trail, which heads to the east of the preserve in a loop fashion from the main trail, features a railroad tie staircase and bridges over the seasonal stream.

Railroad Tie Stairway

Railroad Tie Stairway

Bridge over seasonal stream

Bridge over seasonal stream

The Chestnut trail branches off the main trail at the extreme southern extent of the preserve. The Chestnut trail leads to the Gulch Trail or back to another railroad tie staircase. It was along this staircase that I found some cool turkey tail mushroom on some old logs.

Turkey Tails on some old logs

Turkey Tails on some old logs

The Gulch Trail either leads back to Lizard Pond Trail or the Douglas Spur Trail which connects back to the Main Trail. Each trail, regardless of the length, has character and is worth exploring.

Highwood Hills

Beautiful Highwood Hills

The preserve is a unique remnant palisades forest located just minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

Contact the Leonia Environmental Commission for more information. The entrance to the preserve is located on Highwood Avenue in Leonia, NJ or off of Roff Avenue, Glen Avenue or 4th street in Palisades Park. Parking is available on Highwood Avenue near the entrance or on Roff and Glen Avenue.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel in Leonia’s Highwood Hills Natural Area

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring!

3 thoughts on “Leonia’s Highwood Hills Natural Area!

  1. Bob Reiss

    Several suggestions:

    It would be nice to have a location map of The Highwood Hills nature preserve included on this internet site.

    Also a trail map and where ‘one’ could park and enter to what looks to be a gem of a unique Bergen County forest ?


  2. Dorothy Guyot

    Dear Lovers of Highwood Hills,
    When I visited Highwood Hills in 2014 I was delighted with the maintenance
    you all have done.
    The website does not yet have the story of civic action.
    Joan Luikart inspired the campaign to save Highwood Hills from developers. Martha Lieblich is someone in town who was part of the campaign, as was I.



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