Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast (a field guide) Book Review!

Welcome to a new feature on NJUrbanForest.com! I will try my hand at nature book reviews.

Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast a field guide seems appropriate enough for my first nature book review. The book, by Peer Del Tredici, is certainly one of the best field guides to urban flora I’ve seen. This quirky book goes over a cache of plants that, while overlooked by most people, thrive in the most tough environments for plants: the urban environment. Both native and non-native plants are included.

Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast
Every plant includes the scientific name along with common names. Also included are:

  • Vegetative Characteristics
  • Flowers and Fruit (as applicable)
  • Germination and Regeneration
  • Habitat Preferences
  • Ecological Functions (especially interesting are the ecological functions of non-native invasive plants!)
  • Cultural Significance
  • Related Species

The book is a wonderful resource packed with photos that goes into great detail on the native and non-native plants that are found in the urban environment. This book helped me in my early days of identifying plants in the urban environment.

If interested in Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast you can click here to purchase from Amazon!

Please note that I may make a small commission for any purchase you may make through Amazon by clicking the above link.

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