Beach Haven’s William Butler Park!

William Butler Park

Welcome to Beach Haven’s William Butler Park (aka Taylor Avenue Park)! The park is named after the first mayor of Beach Haven, NJ.


The park features shoreline along Barnegat Bay along with restrooms, gazebos, benches, basketball courts and a public boat ramp. A dog park is located south of the basketball court.

William Butler Park

William Butler Park

To me, the most special part of William Butler Park is the native plant garden and the shoreline along Barnegat Bay.


Native Plant Garden William Butler Park

The native plant garden includes such diverse plants as:

These plants (among others planted) provide good examples of what native plants thrive near the Barnegat Bay and help support native birds, butterflies and bees.


Native Garden with Barnegat Bay William Butler Park

If you live near Barnegat Bay you can use  this attachment as a guide to what native plants to use in your own backyard –> Going-Native


Hibiscus Native Plant Garden William Butler Park

While there is still plenty of life in and around Barnegat Bay the bay itself is starting to get stressed by certain types of pollution such as:

Residents and visitors to areas surrounding Barnegat Bay can all do their part to help the bay by not littering as all water leads to the bay.


Mallard Hen with Two Ducklings William Butler Park

During my last visit there were educational signs present detailing the fauna found in and around Barnegat Bay such as:

There used to be millions of Oysters in Barnegat Bay. While they are still present, their numbers have been diminished due to pollution. Oysters play an important part in helping to purify the water and stabilize shorelines. Reclam the Bay is helping to ensure that Oysters presence will be continued and increased!

Mallard with ducklings Barnegat Bay William Butler Park

William Butler Park is worth checking out to learn more about native plants at the shore along with all the life found in Barnegat Bay. The view isn’t bad either 🙂


William Butler Park is found on Taylor Avenue behind Bay Village in Beach Haven, NJ.

Great Books on Barnegat Bay!

  1. Closed Sea: From the Manasquan to the Mullica – A History of Barnegat Bay
  2. The Bayman: A Life on Barnegat Bay


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