Exploring Manhattan’s Peter Detmold Park!

Peter Detmold Park Entrance 1

Welcome to Manhattan’s Peter Detmold Park! The park is named after a former president of the nearby Turtle Bay Association. The park is located near East 49th to East 51st Street along the FDR Drive near the East River.

Peter Detmold Park Walkway

Welcome! Coming in from the East 51st Street entrance there are two sets of  steep brown stone steps. The first level leads to a walkway which goes over the popular Peter Detmold Dog Park below. The walkway crosses over the FDR and leads down near the East River via a short promenade with benches and trees including Callery Pear (invasive) and Pin Oak (native). If we continue going down the stairs we go into the park itself. Let’s take the walkway to the East River first before we explore the rest of the park.

Cherry Blossoms Peter Detmold Park

Kwanzan Cherry Trees in bloom Peter Detmold Park

As we walk along the walkway we notice several beautiful trees in bloom including Kwanzan Cherry Trees and a Redbud Tree blooming.

Redbud in bloom Peter Detmold Park

Redbud Tree in bloom Peter Detmold Park

Arriving at the promenade there are sweeping views of Roosevelt Island with Queens in the background along with views looking north and south.

59th Street Bridge

Looking North towards the Ed Koch Bridge (Queensboro) Peter Detmold Park

Arriving at the promenade we see fantastic views looking north of the Ed Koch Bridge.


Looking south with U Thant Island and the Williamsburg Bridge Peter Detmold Park

Looking south we see the Williamsburg Bridge along with U Thant Island (aka Belmont Island). It’s the small pile of rocks off in the distance in the photo above.  The island was created during the construction of the tube that carries the 7 train from Manhattan to Queens.

Seaside Goldenrod Peter Detmold Park

Seaside Goldenrod Peter Detmold Park

Looking down near the East River some spontaneous Seaside Goldenrod is seen growing.


Brant East River Peter Detmold Park

As we admire the Seaside Goldenrod a pair of Brant come swimming up from the East River.

Ringed-Billed Gull at the East River Peter Detmold Park

Ring-Billed Gull Peter Detmold Park

A watchful Ring-Billed Gull eyes us as we take in the surroundings. Let’s head back over the pedestrian overpass to the park.

Peter Detmold Park

Peter Detmold Park Looking North towards the Dog Park

Here we are in the heart of Peter Detmold Park. Though we hear many cars on the nearby FDR the park still feels peaceful and is away from the chaotic atmosphere of the rest of midtown Manhattan.

Mourning Dove Peter Detmold Park

Mourning Dove with Iconic Pepsi-Cola Sign

As we continue on our walk through the park we see a Mourning Dove perched on a railing with the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign behind it over the East River.

Honey Locust Canopy Peter Detmold Park

Honey Locust Canopy Peter Detmold Park

We even have an urban canopy over our heads of mature thorn-less Honey Locust Trees.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker Peter Detmold Park

Red-Bellied Woodpecker Peter Detmold Park

As we admire the Honey Locust Canopy we hear and see a Red-Bellied Woodpecker chipping away on a dead section of one tree.

Black and White Warbler

Black-and-White Warbler Peter Detmold Park

On our way out we spot a migrating Black-and-White-Warbler bouncing away on the cobblestones. So cool!

Peter Detmold Park Entrance 2

We have now left Peter Detmold Park at the East 49th Street entrance. Let’s make sure to close the gate as many dogs and their owners frequent the park.

Thank you for tagging along!

Click below for a list of plants found at Peter Detmold Park:

Peter Detmold Park Flora

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9 thoughts on “Exploring Manhattan’s Peter Detmold Park!

  1. Joel Santisteban

    NJUrbanForest…nice to read about my old stomping grounds. I’m retired from NY and have been in Florida since 2016. I hiked much of Long Island…but not too much in NYC and nothing in NJ. I’ll have to hike NJ through your blog!



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