Plants of New Jersey # 1 – Northern Red Oak

Welcome back! Today will be the first entry of a new series on

The purpose will be to introduce to you some of the common plants of the forests of New Jersey!

Northern Red Oak 3

Northern Red Oak

Today we will be focusing on the state tree of New Jersey – the Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra).

Northern Red Oak 2

Northern Red Oak Leaf

The Northern Red Oak was chosen as the state tree of New Jersey in 1950 due to its long life and strength. The Northern Red Oak wetland indicator status is FACU (Facultative Upland) which means the tree normally grows in uplands but may be found sometimes in wetlands. The tree is one of the tallest in NJ and can obtain heights of up to 100 feet.

The Northern Red Oak is found from Canada down to Georgia and is the most common  and fastest growing oak on the east coast. Mature trees have lines on them similar to ski slopes. Sometimes the Northern Red Oak is confused with the Black Oak but can be differentiated by its leaves which are not as glossy and are of a thinner texture.

Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak Sapling

I hope you enjoyed learning about this wonderful tree!

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