Plants of New Jersey # 6 Striped Maple

Striped Maple 2

Striped Maple

Welcome! Today’s plant of discussion is the Striped Maple (Acer pensylvanicum). Striped Maple is an understory tree that thrives in deeply shaded moist woodlands of northern New Jersey. The tree is labeled FACU which means that while it is usually found in uplands it occasionally may be found in freshwater wetlands.

10.23 (70)

Striped Maple Bark with White Lines

The bark is reddish-brown or even a shade of green with white lines (as in the picture above) which turn brown over time (as is the case with the picture below). These lines are where the tree gets its name from.

Striped Maple 3

Striped Maple Bark with Brown Lines

Striped Maple is a small tree usually only growing to a maximum of around 30 feet. It is a small but beautiful tree! The tree is found growing on the east coast from Nova Scotia to northern Georgia.

Animals which use the Striped Maple for Food (especially in the winter) include the below among others:

Striped Maple

Striped Maple Leaves

The leaves of Striped Maple are three-lobed and resemble a goose foot (which is why the tree is also known as goosefoot maple 🙂 ). The leaves turn yellow in fall.

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