Plants of New Jersey # 11 – Canada Mayflower


Canada Mayflower Leaf

Welcome! Today we are going to discuss Canada Mayflower (Maianthemum canadense). The plant is a member of the Lily family. Canada Mayflower is a shade tolerant widespread plant of Beech and Oak forests. It’s wetland indicator status is FAC which means that the plant is equally likely to be found in freshwater wetlands or uplands.


Canada Mayflower forming a dense colony on the forest floor in early spring

Canada Mayflower spreads by rhizomes and can carpet the forest floor as seen in the picture above. It is a low growing plant typically growing less than six inches.

5.18 (69)

Canada Mayflower in bloom

Canada Mayflower blooms between May and June and produces speckled berries which turn red between June and August.


Canada Mayflower with Berries

Some of the wildlife that consume the berries include:

That said, the plant is not a major wildlife plant. Plants with only one leaf are immature and will not bloom until the second year.

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