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The purpose of NJUrbanForest.com is about raising awareness for the natural beauty that can be found right in your own backyard. Most people today are concerned with the Amazon and other far away wild lands being decimated but seem oddly unaware about the destruction of the forest in their own backyard. Tax ratables are king more than not it seems. Open space is the best ratable. NJ is the most populated state in the country and should preserve it’s remaining natural areas.

“Our most serious threat to the environment and to our own lives is not climate change, not pollution or habitat loss or for that matter any particular politician. The biggest threat is disconnecting from nature. How can we ever ask people to preserve habitats, clean up the water, protect endangered species and yes, halt climate change, if we don’t care about the nature that exists right in our own backyard?” Quote from Don Torino President of the Bergen County Audubon Society.

Please note that all locations were written at the time the author visited. Changes to trails may have taken place since the post was written.  I may make a small commission if you decide to purchase an item from Amazon.com using links found on this blog.

New Jersey ranks 9th in the country for forest cover-42% of NJ is forested!

NJUrbanForest.com has been selected by Feedspot.com as one of the Top 100 Nature Blogs & Top 75 Forest Blogs on the web:



Top Forestry Resource 2012

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6 thoughts on “About NJUrbanForest.com

  1. Raxa Collective

    Hi NJUrbanForest. Thanks for following our site. I totally agree that there is a great deal of beauty in NJ. It’s unfortunate that oil refineries and the like give the state a bad rap (not to mention a bad smell!) One of our birding interns is from Basking Ridge and has written about places he’s enjoyed birding all over the world, the Scherman-Hoffman Audubon Sanctuary in Bernardsville among them. http://raxacollective.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/scherman-hoffman-audubon-sanctuary/.

    Please check out our facebook page. We have lots of fun nature content there too. See you there!

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  2. Nature on the Edge

    Thanks for the “follow’ on my blog. I have had a lovely ‘virtual’ ramble through yours and think the work you’re doing is admirable. Too right! So often we overlook the vulnerability of our own natural backyards. The more awareness for our natural resources the better. Setting aside protected areas, and guarding the habitat becomes evermore important with our urbanizing planet.

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