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West Milford’s Wetlands Environmental Center!


West Milford’s Wetlands Environmental Center is an 8 acre wetland preserve complete with a boardwalk and educational signage.

7.10 (16)


The West Milford Environmental Commission received an easement from a Dr. Bernard Simon in 1991 donating the 8 acre wetland to the township. A Federal Urban Forestry grant was awarded to the town in 1993 to create the wetlands environmental center thanks to the efforts of Mary Haase (who was a member of the West Milford Planning Board and Environmental Commission) and Roger Daugherty (who was the Chairman of the Environmental Commission). A tributary of the Macopin River flows through the wetlands found in the environmental center.

West Milford's Environmental Center

West Milford’s Environmental Center


Green Heron

Green Heron


West Milford’s environmental boardwalk features both upland and wetlands within its eight acres. The environment center seasonally features plants such as broad-leaf and narrow-leaf cattail, tussock sedge, bulrush, sensitive fern, marsh fern, spike rush and duckweed.



Upon entering the boardwalk from Maple Road, a kiosk has been placed that contains information regarding freshwater wetlands found in the environmental center.



The West Milford Environmental Center is a great place to learn firsthand the functions and plants of forested wetlands.



To get here click here for directions to Maple Road Elementary School where ample parking is available during the weekend when the school is closed. The entrance to the environmental center is across the street from the parking lot.

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions!

Wawayanda State Park Terrace Pond

Terrace Pond 370 (2)

Terrace Pond

Welcome to Wawayanda’s State Park’s Terrace Pond!

Terrace Pond is part of the Bearfort Mountain Natural area of Wawayanda State Park.  I kept hearing how popular and how beautiful this hike was so I had to check it out for myself.

The hike to the pond was filled with amazing views, mostly of the adjacent Newark Watershed lands.


On the way to Terrace Pond, a Black Rat Snake made an appearance.


Mr. Snake

We saw him slithering around while taking in the views.

This is one of the best scenic hikes in New Jersey. If you want to know more, check out a complete description of this hike at NY NJ Trail Conference.  Also this blog entry tells of the adventures of this trail.

Beautiful Terrace Pond

Please note that swimming is not allowed at the pond. While on the hike and at the pond, remember to take nothing but photos and leave only footprints in this beautiful natural area.

Wawayanda State Park Spring Wildflowers!

I recently visited Wawayanda State Park with a mission to find spring wildflowers. We took part of the 1.8 mile William Hoeferlin trail (blue blaze) to the .7 of a mile Black Eagle Trail (green/white blaze). The Black Eagle Trail leads back to the park access road. You can check out these and other trails found at Wawayanda State Park here.

Pink Lady Slipper was first on the list. Pink Lady Slippers can live up to twenty years in the wild but take a long time to get established. There is no point in picking one in the wild to take home as it will quickly die outside of its natural habitat.

Pink Lady Slipper

As I wandered along looking for more flowers I instead discovered two trees hugging.

Hugging Trees

Soon after, I found some downy yellow violets.

Downy Yellow Violet

I finished off the hike by spotting some Trout Lily. Trout Lily is one of the earlier bloomers and one of the first to go usually by June.

Trout Lily

It’s good to take time to smell the flowers.

Pequannock River Coalition Spring Hike!

The 2010 Pequannock River Coalition Spring Hike took place on May 2nd.  The hike took place near Dunker Pond in the NJ Highlands Newark Watershed lands.

Dunker Pond

The group traveled on an old carriage road (and nope, no carriages were on it today!) which used to have cow pastures to the side. Old barb wire from over a hundred years ago was still embedded in some old shade trees on the side.

100 Year old barb wire embedded in an old shade tree

The group took a walk on part of the Highlands Trail to get to the pond.

Highlands Blaze

We met some new friends in the woods. I believe he goes by the name of Froggy-but I was told it’s Mr. Froggy to you.

Green Frog

When the group got to Dunker Pond there was a beaver lodge right smack ahead.

The Beaver Lodge at Dunker Pond

And though the snow may be gone for now, little feet still make an impression in the mud.

Another great hike led by the Pequannock River Coalition!

Browns Point Park West Milford New Jersey

Browns Point Park Sign

Brown's Point Park

Brown’s Point Park


Browns Point Park in West Milford features a playground, picnic tables, woods and beautiful Greenwood Lake shoreline in addition to almost three and a half acres of wetlands. The park, located on the southwestern side of Greenwood Lake, has the Lake to the north and east, Belcher’s Creek to the west and Greenwood Lake Turnpike to the south.

Flora found in Brown’s Point Park includes the below among others:


Brown's Point Park 10.05 (18)

Greenwood Lake

Browns Point Park features Frisbee golf (aka disc golf) which is set up throughout the park.


Frisbee Golf

Mute Swan was present in Greenwood Lake the day I visited. Mute Swans originated from Europe and are not native to the US. The Mute Swan, according to legend, is silent all its life until right before it dies where the bird sings an achingly beautiful melody known as a “Swan Song“. The real story is Mute Swans are not mute but actually make a deep grunting territorial sound.  Click here to hear a Mute Swan for yourself!

Mute Swan

Mute Swan Greenwood Lake

Brown’s Point Park provides wonderful opportunities for recreation, nature study and birding.

Peace Love

Peace Brother

Brown’s Point park is located off of Greenwood Lake Turnpike near A&P in the Hewitt section of West Milford. Click here for directions!

Great Books!

1. Disc Golf: All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play This handy reference provides techniques for mastering disc golf. Equipment and throwing techniques are detailed. Cleverly done illustrations, tips, and photographs depict various grips and stances of the game!

Click Here for more Information!

2. Check out Plant Communities of New Jersey.

NJ’s geology, topography and soil, climate, plant-plant and plant-animal relationships, and the human impact on the environment are all discussed in great detail. Twelve plant habitats are described and the authors were good enough to put in examples of where to visit!

Click here for more information!

3. Don’t miss The Highlands: Critical Resources, Treasured Landscapes! The Highlands exemplifies why protection of New Jersey’s Highlands is so important for the future of the state. It is an essential read on the multiple resources of the region.

Click here for more information!

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring!

Pequannock River Coalition 2010 Winter Hike!

Just found out the picture below taken on the 2010 winter hike with the Pequannock River Coalition appeared in its bi-monthly newsletter!

Beaver Dam

It was a great hike-very informative. I encourage all to learn more about the Pequannock River Coalition and its efforts.I will finish this post with some more pictures from the hike:

Bobcat Track

White Oak

Winter Scene