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Hiking West Milford’s Echo Lake!

Echo Lake Recreation Area

Echo Lake Recreation Area

Echo Lake West is one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever been on. The Echo Lake West trail follows the western shore of Echo Lake. Another trail exists (Echo Lake East) on the other side of the lake.  It is not possible to do a loop around the lake due to houses located on the north eastern border of the lake. Echo Lake West follows the Highlands Trail , a NYNJCT Trail Conference project. The trail head is located at the office of the NWCDC located near Echo Lake Road.

The trail passes near Camp Watershed a summer camp for the City of Newark youth. The beginning of the trail is gravel covered but then changes to a rough nature trail.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake is part of the Newark Pequannock watershed lands. The lake is an estimated 270 acres and is fed by the Macopin River. The Echo Lake channel and Macopin River drain from the lake and into the Pequannock River.  The lake, with the exception of the northeast corner is completed surrounded by upland forest and wetlands. Kanouse Mountain sits to the west of the lake. Kanouse Mountain is around 1,100 feet in elevation.

Echo Lake

One of the great things about hiking is you never know what is around the corner. For example, we saw this tree completely  covered with  claw marks and (though you can’t see it in this photo) black bear fur. Black bears do this to mark territory.

We also saw the Southern Leopard Frog pictured below.  The Southern Leopard Frog is usually found near freshwater.

Flora found on the trail included:

Canada Goldenrod

Ground Pine

Aside from a few muddy spots, the Echo Lake West trail is mostly dry until you reach near the end when wetlands abound.


It was near here that I found one of my favorite plants: Jewelweed


Our goal for the hike was to make it to this rock (shown below) rest a bit and head back.

However, due to what appears to be beaver activity, the old (white blazed) Echo Lake West trail which led from the Highlands Trail to this rock is impassable and the trail now ends near the wetlands section.

For me, one of the more unusual finds of the day was finding what appeared to be the shell of a freshwater clam in Echo Lake.

Freshwater Clam Shell

This trail is mostly flat and is located in the heart of the NJ highlands. For more information on Newark Watershed hiking trails and obtaining a Newark watershed permit click here.

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 Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring! 

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