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West Milford Wallish Nature Preserve Update

Wallisch Environmental Education Trail

As part of an ongoing gas pipeline expansion and to safely position a new gas line 25 feet away from an existing 25 inch transmission, the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company is seeking to access 55 year old easements on the Wallish Estates Properties. The Wallish Estates Properties is the home of a former farmland, Ramapo College wetlands mitigation site and environmental educational trail. (Click here for a NJURBANFOREST description of this trail). A quarter of an acre of the Ramapo College mitigation site will be disturbed in return for a full acre to be remediated at the preserve. Construction will not begin until West Milford agrees to widen the current 10 foot easement which TGPC needs to complete the project.

Wetlands Mitigation Site

The Wallisch Nature Preserve is accessible off of Lincoln Avenue in West Milford, NJ. Parking is available on Eisenhower Drive.

Wallisch Nature Preserve West Milford NJ