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  1. Stacy Kilkenny

    I thought you should know, the St Mark’s Church is planning to cut down 90 trees on the top of East Bradford(a block away from Mill’s and important part of the wildlife habitat) to put in a parking lot for 30 spaces…this would decimate the landscape and ecology irrevocably. If you would like to voice your concerns, the Council meeting is at Cedar Grove Town Hall on June 12th.

  2. Paul Najarian

    Does anyone know what is going on behind Bergen Pines Hospital in Paramus? There are 100 of acres that have been destroyed.

      1. Paul Najarian

        It is behind Bergen Pines Hospital in Paramus. You can’t miss the area if you travel north on the GSP before exit 165 on the right hand side.

      2. NJUrbanForest Post author

        Gotcha. I haven’t been that way in a bit and will keep my eyes open next time I am in the area. Please post if you hear any news on this development. Thanks!

    1. earthmaintenance1

      i also noticed that the greenery around that amazing stone building on Midland across from the Church of the Annunciation has been stripped. It looks as though they are going to destroy that beautiful building, they need to dynamite it.

  3. Paul Najarian

    What can be done about the development in Paramus? I’m shocked no none has any answers to what has been done. I contacted the Sierra Club and they have no answers. I contacted the DEP a lady named Mitchell who has not contacted me. (She in charge of Bergen County Enforcement) This is not a acre of land its 100 acres….how can this get destroyed? Someone must be accountable!

    1. NJUrbanForest Post author

      Thank you for bringing this issue up. I know Save Paramus Wetlands was having a similar issue, but their website is no longer active to use as reference. If anyone would care to comment to assist in this matter it would be much appreciated!

  4. Adele Harris

    How do I go about planting some veggies in the Ridgefield Community Garden?
    Do I have to contact someone?

      1. Paul Najarian

        Do you notice what has been going on in Paramus. Behind Bergen Pines Hospital there is a a huge chunk of land that is under development by the town. Parking areas for DPW trucks and garages. Is it necessary to ruin such woodlands for garages? Also, permits that were approved were in wetlands… can wetlands be built on? Pass this on to everyone who is concerned about enviromental and political corruption. Contact congressmen Tedesco and Michelle Agnolia of EPA. Look them up and put pressure on them.

  5. Mike Young

    Wondering what your geocaching policy is and in particular for Poplar Road Wildlife Sanctuary?. Permit required? Thank you

  6. paul

    Someone needs to step forward and put a stop to the walking trail project that is under consideration in Summit. The existing old rail lines are to be removed and a walking trail of 2 miles is to be put in….the railway that is going to be removed is full of cresole and dangerous to the watershed if disturbed. Also the railway will disturb the natural habitat that the wildlife have been living in for the past 10 or more years. CAN ANYONE PLEASE CONTACT ME AT NAJARIAN_P@YAHOO.COM

  7. Susan

    Who is responsible for the care and upkeep of the Preserve on Poplar Road in River Vale, NJ I am an occasional uses and with the understanding that it is a “Preserve” and must be kept in a natural state as much as possible there are sections of the existing trails and walking view areas that are a danger to anyone using the Preserve. It is truly in need a some maintenance if for no other reason that the safety of it’s users. Who has the responsibility for the care of the Preserve? Thank you.

    1. NJUrbanForest Post author

      Hi Susan, Bergen SWAN (Save the Watershed Action Network) was instrumental in preserving Poplar Road Wildlife Sanctuary but do not maintain the trails. That said, I believe River Vale owns the property.

      1. Susan

        Thank you for the information. Realizing there was probably a great deal of time and effort on the part of many concerned people to preserve this property as a Wildlife Sanctuary the condition and maintaninance of the trails in particular and the Sanctuary in general is horrible . At some point it will be more of a liability than an asset to the Community it is within and become unusable by the public.

  8. getoutsidenj

    Hey There! I miss your new posts! Hope all is well 🙂

    If you ever need any help with your site or hosting or anything let me know. I definitely don’t want to see your great resource go away!

    1. NJUrbanForest Post author

      Hey Jeff! Thanks for reaching out! I am hoping to start creating new content soon. I appreciate your help and I may take you up on your offer for help!


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