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Lorrimer Sanctuary (NJ Audubon)!

NJ Audubon Society Lorrimer Sanctuary

Welcome to the NJ Audubon’s Lorrimer Sanctuary! The property was bequeathed to the NJ Audubon Society by Ms. Lucine Lorrimer in 1956. The 14 acre preserve features forest and field habitats, a butterfly garden and a visitor center with a gift shop and exhibits including live animals.  The sanctuary features an excellent self guided trail through the Field, Butterfly and Woodland trails.

Lorrimer Sanctuary

This box turtle has a home in the visitor center.

Box Turtle

Outside a large window in the visitor center is a multitude of bird feeders. This Hairy Woodpecker was there the day I visited.

Hairy Woodpecker


Lorrimer Sanctuary Trail Guide

There are two main trails (in addition to a butterfly garden trail) which are mostly flat to be explored at the Lorrimer Sanctuary.  Both trails travel in a loop fashion and make for very easy walking. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the forest!

Field Trail

The 1/6 of a mile field trail once wound through an actual field. Through succession, the trail now wounds through a young forest. Before the surrounding private property was developed, barn owls frequented the area. This box pictured below was built for barn owl habitat.

Barn Owl Habitat

The sanctuary also features a butterfly garden. Over thirty species of butterflies have been documented here including Cabbage White, Spring Azure, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Monarch.  The plants in the garden include Joe-Pye Weed and Trumpet Creeper among others.

Woodland Trail

At 1/3 of a mile, the woodland trail is the longest trail and features both wetlands and upland habitat. The trail loops past  secondary growth forest. A special attraction found in early spring on the woodland trail are the wildflowers such as Dutchman Breeches, Bloodroot and Spring Beauties.


The past land usage of the Lorrimer Sanctuary includes an orchard, farmland and livestock pasture. Interpretive signage has been placed on both the Field and Woodland trails to describe the geology, flora and fauna of the Lorrimer Sanctuary.

Woodland Trail

The sanctuary is worth going to.  Be sure to visit the gift shop as all proceeds are used to help maintain the preserve.  Click here for more information and the address.

Feel free to comment below with any bird sightings, interesting plants, memories or suggestions! Thank you and have fun exploring!