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Central Park Manhattan

Central Park is the most amazing feat of landscaping I’ve ever seen.

Gapstow Bridge over the Pond

It is the largest green spot in all of Manhattan but it is not the only green spot. There is also Riverside Park, Inwood Hill Park and Bryant Park to name a few. But as with any park you never know what or who will be lurking in the trees and bushes. Keep your wits about you and prepare yourself for encounters.

Got Food?

Psst! Hey Buddy! Got some crocus here, I’ll sell them to you real cheap!

So keep your eyes peeled.  You never know what you will find in your travels.

What? No bread?! I’m outta here

Central Park Manhattan Reflections

You would think that going to the same place at least 5 times a week would get boring. Not the case with Manhattan’s Central Park!

And spring is really cool-especially seeing plants regardless if native or not (in this case) come into bloom.  Even the pretty pigeons (that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one) come out to play.

Look at this pigeon strutting his stuff

Look who decided to stop by for a snack

Soak up that sun guys

Central Park is always good stuff. Nice to have an island of green in a sea of gray.

3.15.10 Central Park NYC Post

Central Park was a mud bath today. Everything was muddy-even the squirrels!

Look at his blurry mud filled face!

To be or not to be that is the question

The squirrel above seems to be deciding if he wants a mud bath or not.

Central Park was once a swamp but I don’t know-it might still be. Take a look:

I did manage to see a mourning dove who sought refuge in a tree:

Mud may not always be fun, but it made today’s walk interesting.

3.11.10 Central Park Plus Surprise County Park Clear-Cut

For days, it seemed whenever I brought my camera with me to Central Park I could never capture this Wood Duck seen above with his feeding girlfriend. But as you can see, I got him after all. 🙂 In fact, I caught a couple of other birds on film today including a little thug (aka European Starling) and an American Snobin (Sorry American Robin, couldn’t help it-bird always has his beak in the air and thinks he is something).

It was good times. Good times that is until I got home and logged into Northjersey.com and discovered that a swath of trees have been clear cut in the Glen Rock portion of Saddle River Park for a sports field. I mean come on, Bergen County needs every tree it has left. I am flabbergasted.

3.10.10 Central Park Visit

My usual walk at NYC Central Park involves doing a loop at the Pond. Recently I’ve been searching the nearby Hallett Nature Sanctuary (through the fence) for signs of the Central Park Coyote.

So far I have not seen it probably because it is nocturnal and sleeping away.  However, I’ve seen plenty of these blooming.

I have no idea what these flowers are called or if they are native (which I am guessing they probably are not). In addition, I saw a forsythia bush in bloom. (I originally thought it was a vine)

Plus the teenage mutant ninja turtles were out.

He is mean and green.

Cool Places!

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