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Signs of Spring

Signs of spring have been slowly showing since the end of February when Skunk Cabbage flowers started to make an appearance.

Skunk Cabbage Flowers

And since the winter of 2010-2011 was an especially snowy and cold one, I thought it was important to show by way of photography how nature is renewing itself. Enjoy the spring photography tour!

Dutchman Breeches in Franklin Lakes Lorrimer Sanctuary

Dwarf Ginseng in Ridgewood's Grove Park

False Hellebore Sprouting in Ridgewood's Grove Park

Vernal Pond in Pequannock's Cherry Street Park

Trout Lilies carpeting floor of Hackensack's Borg's Woods

Spicebush blooming in Hackensack's Borg's Woods with understory of Skunk Cabbage

Pink Lady Slipper at Silas Condict County Park Kinnelon, NJ

Feel free to e-mail NJUrbanForest at NJUrbanForest@gmail.com with any comments, memories or suggestion! Thank you and have fun exploring!

Silas Condict Park Visit 3.09.10

I got out of work early today and headed right to Morris County’s Silas Condict Park for a nice walk. Optimistically I put on sneakers given that the temperature was like in the sixties. But, alas, not warm enough to melt the barrage of snow that fell recently as evident below.

So my sneakers and socks got a little wet. No biggie especially when wet socks lead to a view like this:

May be a little blurry but well worth it. Took lots of pictures and had a pleasant peaceful walk in the woods.

Watching the sky changes colors was a nice change of pace. It really was good stuff.

Other Cool Places!

Hackensack’s Borg’s Woods!

Ridgewood’s Dunham Trail!